ORDINARY SCAM: Money Xeon review

Money Xeon websiteThis review explains why Money Xeon is a scam that has to be avoided.

Money Xeon pretends to be an investment company that is open to the public.

With several investment plans it offers up to 20% hourly returns, which means 480% per day.

Money Xeon scam

No real companyFirst of all, Money Xeon is supposed to be company registered in the UK, but it is not. The registration number 11483764 belongs to another company, see our picture.

Because the names are different, they clearly are two separate entities. Also, Money Xeon is not registered with the Financial Conduct authority, therefore it is an illegal investment services provider.

Investment plans are fraudNow about the investment plans. If you think that 480% per day is something achievable and legit, you have a serious problem. This kind of money is impossible in any legit business, Money Xeon is a scam.

It is a Ponzi scheme that will play with the money they get on deposits, but not for a long time, it will collapse very soon, because it is an illegal financial game, no real business is going on here.


Money Xeon is a scam that will quickly fail, don’t put your money into it, otherwise you will lose it!

If you are interested in making money in real financial trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to learn to trade and build a profitable strategy before you can invest real money.

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