ORDINARY SCAM: Panther Gold review

Panther Gold official websiteIn this review we show that Panter Gold is an investment scam that you should avoid.

Panther Gold Mining LTD says that it is a gold exploration company that can make you money.

There are several investment plans with monster profits like 30% per hour, which means 720% per day.

So, is this a genuine investment opportunity?

Panther Gold scam

Impossible investment plansYou really need just to look at the numbers to see that Panther Gold is a total scam. 720% per day is a totally ridiculous number, a joke that nobody can take seriously, at least we hope so.

No business in this world can make 720% per day or anything close to it. The investments plans of Panther Gold are screaming scam!

It is clear that Panther Gold is either a Ponzi scheme or a simple scam. If it is a Ponzi scheme, it will initially pay some profits, new deposits will be used for that purpose. Then it will quickly collapse. If it is a simple scam, it will just collect money and never pay anything.

Either way you should stay far away form Panther Gold.

Fake company

Dormant companyOn the Panther Gold website it is said that Panther Gold Mining Ltd. is a real company registered in the UK. They even provide a link to the Companies House. However there are three problems with that.

The first is that the link is to a registration of a company called UK Gold Diamond Panther Oil Chemical, which obviously has nothing to do with Panther Gold.

Secondly, even if it was the same company, according to the Companies House it is a dormant company, so it cannot do any business now. See our picture.

The third problem is that Panther Gold is offering investment services, which is a regulated activity that requires a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. But Panther Gold has no license, therefore it is an illegal business.


Panther Gold is a scam that exists to steal money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in trading, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it works.

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3 thoughts on “ORDINARY SCAM: Panther Gold review

  1. SCAM…. I deposited the minimum of $5 through Litecoin, and they only validated me $4.98 so my deposit did not work, I wrote to clarify the situation but they do not answer

  2. i deposited $10 worth of bitcoin but it never show on my deposit. try to reach for there customer service via chat and email and got no response.

    i know confirm its a scam.

    learned my lesson the hardway

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