Ordinary scam: Prime X App by Erick Jenkins

Prime X AppToday we are going to review a binary options scam that brings nothing really new, but is still worth a warning. The site header says: “As seen on MSNBC, The New York Times, CBS and ABC.” This is the first lie, these media have never mentioned Prime X App.

Erick Jenkins continues with some other lies, like “the trading results have been independently verified”, but provides no proofs. Who verified them? The truth is that the accounts and statements that you see in his video are fake, they have been manipulated.

Jenkins then makes false promises, the Prime X App is supposed to make you more than $24,000 within a month. That of course will never happen.

Do you still believe that Erick Jenkins is telling you the truth? Then read the disclaimer at the bottom of his page, it says “…SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED…“. So he admits that the trading results in his video are not real, it is just a fiction.

The Prime X App might be able to trade your binary options account automatically, but be sure that the result will be the loss of your funds. As usually, the purpose of this scam is to make you open an account with a binary options broker, because that will earn affiliate commission to Jenkins.

So don’t fall into his trap. First learn more about binary options and if you then want to try trading, open an account with a broker and start on a demo to see if it is really for you.