ORDINARY SCAM: Profit Replicator App – review

profitreplicatorappThis review of Profit Replicator App proves that this program is a binary options scam. It is presented by Michael Griffin.

Griffin claims that the Profit Replicator App is a binary options trading software that can make you $7,250 the first day and tens of thousands of dollars per month.

And because people care only about money that is free, the Profit Replicator App is free. So you can allegedly become rich for free…

Profit Replicator App scam

The truth of course is that Profit Replicator App is a scam that is not free. They will take your money and lose it. It is not a BBB accredited business, we have verified it.

Michael Griffin and the team

teamMichael Griffin is a fictitious character created by scammers. The same applies to all the other members of the Profit Replicator App team.

Look at the picture to see where they stole their photos from. This faces belong to some other real people that have no idea that their identity is being abused by this program.


testimonialsEverything with Profit Replicator App is fake, including testimonials. Photos from other people were again stolen and misused.

Look at the picture to see who these faces really belong to. These people have nothing to do with this binary options program.

Scam software

profit-replicator-app-softwareWe also tested the Profit Replicator App. This software is supposed to trade binary options for you and make you money. But this won’t happen.

Because the software is in reality a universal scam app offered by scammers only. We have seen it used by many binary options scams. Look at the picture to see a few examples, like the Cash Loophole or Profits Eternity.

This software is losing money to real users, we know it for a fact!

How it really works – the truth

Now it is the time to explain how Profit Replicator App really works. It will force you to make a deposit with an unregulated broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. The reason is that scammers are associated with this broker and they get paid for referring new depositors to this broker.

If join this program, the Profit Replicator App will lose your deposit in trading, because it cannot trade profitably. You won’t be allowed to try the app until you deposit real money!


Profit Replicator App is a mediocre scam designed to lose your money in trading with a crappy software. So stay away from it!

There are no free profitable robots, you can make money with binary options only if you learn how to trader profitably by yourself. You can try and do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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