Ordinary scam review: Binary Brain Trust

Binary Brain Trust web siteThis review is about a binary options scam called “Binary Brain Trust”. It is presented by Martin Clayton.

Clayton says that Binary Brain Trust is a group of professional traders that make massive profits on binary options every day. Their app replicates their trades on members’ accounts. Binary Brain Trust is allegedly a fully regulated company.

Members using the Binary Brain Trust app for trading are allegedly making at least $5,000 per day. No you can become a member for free. Clayton promises that you will get rich, he guarantees that you will make money.

Binary Brain Trust is a scam

First let’s have a look at Binary Brain Trust. The domain name has been registered in January 2016, so the claim that the company is five years old (you can hear it in the presentation) is a lie.

Secondly Clayton says that Binary Brain Trust is fully regulated. But where? They don’t even provide any contact information, so how could you verify? We checked it with the CFTC in the US and with the FCA in the UK and we haven’t find any regulated company of this name. So it is a fake, it does not exists.


Real testimonialsAll the bank account statements and testimonials presented by Binary Brain Trust are fake, they do not belong to real users of this system.

Take a look at the picture on the right to see where the photos of these fictitious testimonials are from.

As usually they don’t have anything in common with the scam.

Fake counter

The classic trick of binary options scam is a fake counter of allegedly limited free spots. Just reload the Binary Brain Trust page and you’ll see that the counter will be full again.

The best proof

The binary brain trust appAnd last but not least, the Binary Brain Trust app is the most used binary options app by scammers. We’ve seen it used by many, many binary options scammers.

Lately it has been used by Triana Soft scam for example, see the picture on the right.

Only colours and logos change…


Binary Brain Trust is a binary options scam that wants your deposit, at least $250. If you deposit money and let the Binary Brain Trust trade your account, you will lose your deposit, simple as that.

Don’t trust anybody promising you free money on binary options. Profits in binary options trading come only after testing and learning on a demo account.

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