ORDINARY SCAM REVIEW: Millionaire Trader

Millionaire Trader websiteIn this review we have a look at the Millionaire Trader scam. It is presented by Oliver Miller.

Miller claims to have access to a binary options trading system that can make you very rich. He allegedly received this software from a Russian client called Max.

The Millionaire Trader software is allegedly connected to servers in Moscow and has an 85% win ratio in binary options trading. Now you can get it for free.

Millionaire Trader scam

Let’s put it straight, Oliver Miller is a fictitious character and his story is completely bogus.

Oliver Miller

Oliver Miller scammerThis guy is a paid actor that is just reading a script. Backgrounds in the video are made with stock photos.

And the counter on the webpage is fake, just reload the page and you’ll see that it will be up again.


Results are fakeTh trading results that Miller shows in the Millionaire Trader video are fake. Look at the picture, you’ll see the proof.

They just edited the time and balance, but you can see that the price chart doesn’t change a bit, so it is the same basic image edited several times to fake the balance.


testimonialIn the video you can see testimonials with several people. They are endorsing the system and showing some trading account screenshots.

But they are fake, it is again the same basic image edited again and again. And these people are just paid actors, they have never traded with the Millionaire Trader.

How does it work

The real purpose of the Millionaire Trader is to make you deposit money with a certain binary options broker, because it will earn an affiliate commission to these scammers.

Then their software will trade your account and lose your deposit, simple as that.


The Millionaire Trader of Oliver Miller is a simple scam designed to lose your money, so don’t use it!

If you want to see how real money is made in binary options trading, try a free demo account.

There you can learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy to achieve real success.

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  1. I wish something like this had been around a bit earlier in the year. I feel so stupid, I was completely taken in by this and am now in conversation with the customer service and the Quality Assurance Department of Magnum Options. I don’t want to go into the details publicly, but suffice to say I have lost money I can’t afford to lose.

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