PATH TO JAIL SCAM: Whales Club review

Whales Club reviewIn this review we warn against the Whales Club scam that is focused on cryptocurrencies trading.

Whales Club is supposed to be a community that you can join and make money in crypto trading.

The term whales refers to people with big sums of money that can move market prices. The Wales Club allegedly has access to all major whales group and insider trading signals.

The idea is that you will trade in accord with the whales, thus following the price movements they create. They claim that you can make up to 5% per business day with them, which is more than 100% per month.

Whales Club scam

There are many reasons to doubt that Whales Club can deliver, but even if could deliver on its promises, you absolutely should stay away. Here is why.

Illegal scheme

FeaturesReal whales group are manipulating prices, which is an illegal activity. Many claim that it is legal to manipulate crypto markets, but it is not.

For example, the CFTC declared a war to crypto manipulation and is actively fighting against pump and dump schemes. This means that participating in any whale group that is manipulating crypto markets could reward you with prosecution and jail time.

Not profitable for the average Joe

Another problem that you should be aware of is that whales group practice pump and dump schemes, meanwhile they scam ordinary people.

People who run these group enter trades before the public, then they send out buy trading signals and let the public pump the price. Then the whales exit their trades with profits and the public is left with a coin that is falling in price.

Or just a Ponzi?

Whales Club profitsTo us it seems that Whales Group is not even a real crypto whale group, but just a Ponzi scheme. The way they structured their investment plans reminds us of Ponzi schemes that in reality do nothing but collecting money from people.

But it reality doesn’t matter if it is a Ponzi scam or a whale scam, either way your money would be at great risk.


Whales Club is a scam, that is absolutely obvious, it could even get you in trouble with the law, so stay away from it!

If you want to speculate on cryptocurrencies and their prices, start on a free demo with a regulated demo and try it risk free.

Understand how trading works and what are the risks before eventually investing real money.

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