PATHETIC SCAM: AD Formula review

AD FormulaThis review shows that AD Formula is a disgusting scam that is made to steal your money. It is presented by Jack Heaton.

Heaton claims that AD Formula is an automated system that can make you money in banner advertising. You can buy advertisement packages and allegedly make $3,000 or more per day.

The AD Formula system is free, but is it?

AD Formula scam

As we already mention, AD Formula is not free. Yes, you will be able to login into the platform for free, but that’s all you will be able to do.

They will say that in order to start earning money, you have to buy banner packages. So, you will have to pay money. But you won’t be buying real banners or anything, because AD Formula is a just a way to steal your money.

There is no free and easy way to multiply your money, not even in advertising. We have seen and reviewed many scams of this kind, they promise you big profits in advertising, but all they do is taking your money.

Jack Heaton is a scammer

Jack Heaton scammerHeaton is obviously just a fictitious character made by scammers who run this program.

As you can see on our picture, his photo is a stock photo. So, this is one hard proof.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are not realOn the AD Formula website you will see video testimonials of people who claim to be making money with this system. But they all are lying.

These people are paid actors who are lying for money, they have never made anything with this program.

How it really works

Click2Sell scamWhen you sign up for AD Formula, you will be given access to the Click2Sell platform. It is a scam platform that is selling fake banners.

It is made to make send money to scammers. If you do it, you will not earn anything, just lose your deposit.


AD Formula is a scam, everything spent on this program will be lost, stay away from it!

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