PATHETIC SCAM: DavorCoin review

In this review you will learn that DavorCoin is a scam that you should avoid.


What is DavorCoin about

DavorCoin official webDavorcoin is a cryptocurrency that is at the center of a platform that is supposed to make you money.

You are supposed to buy Davor coins and then either lend them or stake them to make profits. The lending program can allegedly make you almost 50% per month, meanwhile you can increase your revenue via the referral program.

How does DavorCoin generate profits? People who run the program will allegedly use your money for arbitrage trading and investing into Initial Coin Offerings.

DavorCoin scam

DavorCoin is obviously just a copy of the Bitconnect scam that collapsed at the beginning of this year, meanwhile about a billion dollars has been lost. This should be enough for you to stay away from DavorCoin. But let’s go into details.

Anonymous and illegal investment program

Anonymous and illegalAt the end of last year US authorities started to go after Bitconnect, because it was selling unregistered securities. That is what we are saying for years, when you collect money from the public and promise returns, it is an investment program which has to be regulated, licensed by national authorities.

Because DavorCoin is exactly the same, it obviously also is an illegal investment program that will sooner or later be targeted by authorities.

People who run Davor Coin hide their identities, they obviously know why, and this should be another red flag for you. You are supposed to buy their coin with your valuable cryptocurrency. Do you really want to send your money to anonymous people via an irreversible trasaction?

Lending BS

Unreal numbersThe truth is that these lending programs are in fact simple Ponzi schemes hiding behind cryptocurrencies. There is no trading software, no ICO investing, no real business activity going on. Just an illegal financial game.

At the beginning profits are paid, money from new deposits is used for that. Also, the price of the DavorCoin will be artificially pumped, because people have to buy it from the owners in order to participate in their lending program. This will help the scam to live for some time.

But it is absolutely sure that one day DavorCoin will collapse the same way as Bitconnect did. Owners of the program will not only run away with all regular crypto money, but they will also dump the DavorCoin on exchanges to double scam you. People will then be left with a worthless coin.


Davor Coin is just another Ponzi scam designed to fail and lose your money. Stay away from it!

Forget about free money, it is a nonsense. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be profitable, be these cryptocurrencies must be legit with a real background. You can try trading on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Should you decide to trade with real money, remember that you can not only make profits, but also lose.

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