PATHETIC SCAM: Legit Broker review

Review of Legit Broker serviceThis review of Legit Broker clearly shows that this program is a binary options scam.

Legit broker is a service that will allegedly help you to choose the right broker for binary options trading, meanwhile it also provides a trading system.

Owners of Legit Broker claim that choosing the right broker is even more important than having a profitable trading strategy.

Legit Broker scam

Trading software scamFirst of all the most important thing in trading is to have a profitable strategy. If you have it, you will always find a broker to trade with. But if you have no profitable strategy, then no broker in the world will help you to make profits.

Now let’s explain why Legit Broker is a scam. It’s because this program is based on a scam software called White Label Robot. This robot is used by many scams.

Look at the picture to see examples of other scams that are based on the same robot, like Option Robot, Automated Financial Markets and Binary Tradeo.

The worst thing about this robot is that it has a built-in demo that fakes results! Yes, you read it right, it uses a fake price feed to generate profits that would never occur in real trading.

So people with little or no experience in trading might think that Legit Broker is a profitable system thanks to the fake demo results.

Then they will open a real account and let the robot trade with their money. But because real trading results cannot be faked, they will lose their money. End of scam.

The truth

The truth is that the only purpose of Legit Broker is to make you deposit with one of the partner brokers, because if you do it, scammers behind this program will earn an affiliate commission. That’s how it works.

This is why they are trying to fool you with the fake demo, they need you to deposit through their software in order for them to earn a commission.


Legit Broker is a dirty scam that will push you to deposit money so that the robot can lose it in trading. Stay away from it!

If you want to see how real money can be made in trading, try a genuine free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to build a profitable strategy on the demo before you can switch to a real account. No robot will do that for you, that’s the truth.

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  1. thanks a lot John Novak, this a fantastic review, you saved me my money, in fact optionrobot demo account gives only winning trades, you will never see any loss, all thanks to a trick. the only thing i was cheated, are the clips on youtube which those actors paid to fool people recommending optionrobot as a very profitable software with a real account.

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