PATHETIC SCAM: Online Wealth review

OnlineWealth official webThis review shows that Online Wealth is a scam that wants your money.

OnlineWealth is supposed to be an online platform that allows you to invest into advertising. You allegedly can buy into ad campaigns launched by big brands and make money.

Online Wealth allegedly can make you more than a thousand of dollars per day. The access to the platform is free, does it make any sense?

Online Wealth scam

The truth is that OnlineWealth is just a new funnel for the Banner Bit scam. This scam has used many different stories to attract new victims, like Secret Investor Society, QuantumAdCode, Ripple Code or Digital Payday.

The Banner Bit scam always tells different stories about how it will make you money, sometimes it even uses stolen videos from other investment scam.


Nonsense investmentThis time OnlineWealth is telling a story about how you can “buy into” ads run by big companies. You don’t need to know anything about advertising to see that it is a nonsense.

Just think of it. In the video there is an example with Samsung that launches a new phone and buys ads for that phone. How can you enter that process? Would Samsung share its profits with you? Of course not, the Online Wealth / Banner Bit story is a total nonsense.

How it works

Banner BitWhat happens in reality is that you will deposit money via the Banner Bit platform to make the so-called investment in advertising and get nothing back.

This is how you will lose your money and never get it back.


OnlineWealth is a scam, a funnel that leads to the Banner Bit scam, stay away from it.

If you want to try real investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Forget about a passive income in trading, you have to learn and build your own profitable strategy.

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