Platinum Profits scam review

This review is about a new binary options scam called „Platinum Profits“, it is presented by Ross Barker.

Barker says that he has an automated binary options strategy that can make you money since the first day. It is supposed to trade platinum only with extremely low risk trades and high returns. According to Barker it is literally impossible not to make money with his system.

Platinum Profits is a scam

Where are the platinum trades?

Lately we’ve seen that scammers are running out of people, because the same faces appear again and again in different scams under different names. However Platinum Profits does not show any faces, instead it is recycling a crappy piece of trading software that we’ve already seen with other binary options scams.

The most striking aspect is that they don’t even bother to restrict the software to platinum in order to match their claims from the video. Just look at the image, it trades currency pairs, no trace of platinum. This the most tangible proof that it is a scam.

So how does Platinum Profits work? It is the usual scheme. Barker made up a story about a profitable software with a guarantee, although he fakes his identity and gives no real contact information. It is because his software does not work, but he needs you to join his broker, open an account and deposit money, $250 at least with Titan Trade at this time.

If you do that, Barker will earn an affiliate commission from Titan Trade. Then his software will trade your account and lose all your money. So stay away from Platinum Profits.


Binary options are a real trading instrument that is easy to understand. You can make money with it, but in order to that, you first need to build a profitable strategy that you will trade yourself. This is how investing really works, you have to put some effort into it, nobody will make money for you for free.

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