Eurous websiteThis quick review is about the Eurous investment program. It is a Ponzi scheme, stay away from it!

EUROUS is supposed to be an “analytic program” that manages investments in binary options and Forex.

The EUROUS website is confusing, but it apparently works like this: you deposit money and you get big returns, 20 or even more percent per day.


Bank profitsEUROUS say they will give you $100 for free to start. The problem is that when you try to withdraw, you will be told that the minimum balance is $100, so you will never be allowed to withdraw it.

Then you apparently have to do some fictitious investments and refer new people to the program in order to upgrade your status.

But all this does not matter. The important thing here is that Eurous is a Ponzi scheme. There is no real investing activity going on. They are not partners of banks they enlist.

Banc of America alleged profitsEurous is promising daily returns up to 50%, which is a totally impossible number in any legit business.

So it works like this: they will guide through some stages, but sooner or later you will have to deposit money. It’s because they are paying profits from new deposits only. This is how Ponzi schemes work.

And all Ponzi schemes collapse one day, so EUROUS will sooner or later close down and all the money in the system will disappear.


EUROUS is a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail, don’t put your money into it!

Making money in trading binary options is possible, but not 50% per day. Try a free demo account with a regulated broker and see for yourself.

Consistent returns are not possible in trading, because markets are not consistent.

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31 thoughts on “PONZI SCAM: EUROUS review

  1. Well I cant believe none of you haven’t actually noticed the scam here.

    Simple. Banner advertisement.

    The fake and painful timer/processing bar as the last step each time you want to place a ‘trade’ is there to encourage users to spawn open say 10-20 windows/tabs in parallel. And then across the other similar websites.

    To place a trade, you go through 3 steps, and each one displays a banner advertisement.

    So a single user spawns say 20 windows, each with 3 steps, every day for a month. This equals 180 banner impressions.

    Then that user may share with some people in their network in order to get to the 2 levels above — Banner impressions increase exponentially.

    Then of course there are multiple websites offering the same thing.

    Do the numbers, whoever is running this would be making a fortune off the zillions of banner advertisements.

  2. Highly agree with others. Eurous and other six websites from a friend who referred and gave me a total of seven links to sign up turnt out to be a big waste of my time and life. Took me nearly 5 hours to spend whatever ‘display balance that has no true currency invested into them’. I know. Very pathetic and stupid to be harshly honest. Never visiting a nonsecure ever again. Why would some anonymous person or organization possibly criminally involved cyber or reality ever create free domains that allows you to sign up and play their little games of earning virtual money online and that attempting to withdraw that money on the 26th every month is NONEXISTENT. There is one thing that revolts me is giving out my actual Paypal email address on every seven ponzi scheme scam websites. Dumbest thing ever done. Lesson learned. If you ever sign up, never use any important emails and passwords that you frequently use on everyday secure domains we use for shopping, emails, banking online, etc.) Do not end up like me giving away my Paypal email address (as I need to change it asap).

  3. thank you guys for letting me know before hand. I will delete the program right away. Won’t waste my time lol

  4. do anyone know how to delete a account

    i think they are fishing for emails
    i keep gating (Account security notice) from ebay Lucky for me i don’t have anything or card info on it

    1. Most likely. They are probably collecting hundreds of e-mails registered by hundreds of users everyday, even worse selling them as profit to third parties without the e-mail owners’ consent. Facing the worst, e-mails can be compromised by highly intellectual cyber criminals that are trained to perform illegal deeds and activities. Who knows? No doubt they actually look like ogres in real life, no life, no ambition, no family, no future, no job, no goals, suffering from obesity and loathsome sitting in front in their computer screens and using their neighbor’s wifi.

  5. I have been trading on the so called Eurous platform since November 2nd and up till now the money I was meant to withdraw is still in process. Is really a waste of time indeed.

  6. Pls, what did you write in the “Withdrawal Account” column? Is it your email address or bank account number or eurous referrer number?

  7. I just need to know if anyone has successfully withdrawn money from euroUs. Has it paid anyone yet?.

  8. yahooo !! i received 1670 usd in my account ..you must do work for 25 days ..its a genuine website.thanks guyssssss

    1. I applied to withdrew for the past 3 weeks but up till now it is still under processing. I guess this is just a waste of time and data.

  9. I made few withdrawals. I cant wait for 26/11 to 30/11 a range of time that they going to deposit my withdraw. Keep u all posted if i receive any payment.

    1. You make no deposit and get paid for clicking on fictitious investments? That’s what we are supposed to believe?

  10. John Novak,

    For someone who wrote a review, you don’t actually seem to have spent time reviewing it. Don’t get me wrong, this site is bullshit. But there is no possible way to deposit funds, and it lets you withdraw said money without any requirement. Although that said, I have received no payments so it is most definitely bullshit, but I really don’t see the scam and quite clearly it is not capable of being a ponzi scheme seeing as you can’t put money into it.

    Very surprised.

  11. I have also joined this program and i see money that i play with grow everyday, i will wait and see if they pay, because i don’t see where they say i must deposit, so to me it’s not a scam until they ask me to deposit in a different link,

  12. Funny because there is no option to put in outside money 🙂 I think people refer this this as a scam because they don’t know how it works. No one gives money for FREE, you have to play with the $100 dollar they gave you to gain profit. You’re not gonna believe how surreal this is.

    1. You are absolutely right, I don’t believe that they will let you play with free money and then withdraw. Either you won’t be allowed to withdraw, or you will have to deposit first.

  13. So far, I’ve been “playing” this investment/binary options game, with the “$100” they gave me. When I come back each day (24 hours), I notice a larger balance. and the withdrawal balance increases. I’m thinking I may have enough tomorrow, to attempt a withdrawl.

    I see nowhere, to give them money. I see nowhere they state a requirement of investment to continue. I only see a place to contact Support. I’ve looked. I can’t find a slot to stick outside money into! So, if I never get the $100 I try to withdraw, I’m going to consider it simply a waste of my time. “Thanks for playing! Come back soon!”

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