PONZI SCAM: One Chain review

One Chain official webIn this review we reveal that One Chain is an investment scam that has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency investing.

One Chain Limited claim to be involved in investing into cryptocurrencies and crypto startups, which allows it to offer investment plans to the public.

At this time there are two investment plans with up to 10% per day returns. Is something like that really possible?

One Chain scam

Impossible investment plansFirst of all, you should know that One Chain has nothing to do with Wanchain, which is a legitimate crypto project.

One Chain is in reality a newly created investment scam, that is not doing any real business activity. You just have to look at the numbers, 10% per day is something that cannot be achieved in any legit and legal business.

Only Ponzi schemes offer this kind of numbers. Ponzi schemes will collect money and pay some profits, but new deposits will be used for that purpose. You can probably guess that this scheme always fails in the end.

Empty company

Not regulatedOne Chain shows a registration from the UK, but it is only a basic tax registration that almost anybody can get. Plus, it’s only a few weeks old, so this company has no history.

But what’s more important is that One Chain doesn’t have a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, which is needed when you provide investment services like One Chain does. It means that it is an illegal investment operation.


One Chain is an investment scam, it is working based on the Ponzi scheme. Stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine cryptocurrencies trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see what profits are really possible and what it takes to achieve them.

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