POOR SCAM: Invexpert review

Invexpert review

Be sure to read this Inv Expert review because it will help you to understand the ins and outs of this scam.

Invexpert claims to be a company that invests money in startups, in other words in new companies that are bringing new technologies and solutions to the market.

This investment activity allegedly generates unprecedented profits and you can get a slice of it. There are several investment plans for the public with up to 3000% monthly returns. Can you believe them?

Invexpert scam

Investment scamOf course, you cannot believe investment plans that promise to multiply your investment capital 30 times in just one month. 3000% per month per se is a proof that Invexpert is a scam.

In the real world no legitimate investment program will make 3000% in a year, let alone in a month, because it is just impossible. You can have a cryptocurrency that will spike in one month 30 times, but you cannot know which one and when. And it won’t repeat for a long time.

Meanwhile Invexpert is promising a 30x every month, which is ridiculous and impossible.

Illegal investment opportunity

Company testimonialInv Expert is showing a company registration certificate issued in the UK. While it is true that a company of this name is registered in the UK, it is only for tax purposes and it doesn’t say anything about the activities of the company.

The important part is that any investment company in the UK needs a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. And guess what, Invexpert is not licensed at all, check our picture for a proof.

How it works

Invexpert obviously is a Ponzi scam. A pyramidal game with money that sucks up money with deposits and may do some payouts to attract even more deposits, but since there is no real business activity going on, it is doomed to collapse sooner rather than later.

This is why you should not touch investment programs like this one even with a ten foot pole.

Review conclusion

Invexpert is a total scam, it couldn’t be more obvious, avoid it like the plague!

If you want to try to make money investing, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and use virtual money to learn.

You have to learn to trade profitably and understand the risks of real investing before using your own money.

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    They are scam and for your funds to be SUCCESSFULLY recovered you will make a COT fee payment of $32

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