Poor scam review: 300 Millionaire

300 MillionaireIn this article we review a new binary options scam called “300 Millionaire”. It is presented by Michael Bennet.

Bennet claims to be a financial analyst and multimillionaire. He has a binary options trading system that allegedly can make you a millionaire, it is called 300 Millionaire. He will give it for free to 300 people only.

300 Millionaire is a scam

Let’s repeat how binary options scam work. Scammer get paid for referring new depositors to a broker. So they make up a story about a millionaire and a free miraculous trading system to make you deposit with their broker.

When you do that and start trading with their system, you lose your money. Period. This is exactly how 300 Millionaire works.


TestimonialsOn the 300 Millionaire web page you can see some testimonials of people claiming that they are making big money with the system. But they are all fake.

Take a look at the picture on the right, here is one example of a paid actor from Fiverr who is endorsing tons of binary options scams including this one.

Fake counter

CounterThe 300 Millionaire web site displays a counter of free spots remaining.

But it is fake, it is there just to put you under pressure so that you don’t look for real reviews of the system.

Reload the page and you’ll see the counter almost full again.

Performance report

ResultsThe 300Millionaire web site also shows a performance report with some trades based on their signals. But this is just another fake, anybody can create any table on a web page.

Look at the details, sometimes there are discrepancies in how the assets and prices are presented, sometimes upper-case letters, sometimes not, sometimes five decimal places, sometimes four…


300 Millionaire is just another scam trying to get your money with lies about a trading system, so stay away and don’t deposit with it.

You can try binary options for free on a demo account to see how trading really works and what it takes to make real profits and money.

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