POOR SCAM: Revvfeed review with proofs

RewfeedIn this review we show that Revvfeed (also Rewfeed or Revfeed or Ref Feed) is a binary options scam. It is presented by Jason Clark.

Clark says that Revvfeed is a software that monitors social media to determine trends of stock prices.  Thanks to this the software allegedly can make you more than $2,000 per day in trading.

Not only is Revvfeed free, Clark also claims that you will receive $250 to start trading. So a financial miracle? No, an ordinary scam.

Revvfeed scam

Jason Clark scammerLet’s start with Jason Clark. This guy certainly is not a binary options trader or a software developer.

In fact, he is a well-known scammer that has made a lot of people lose a lot of money.

Look at the picture and you will see some other scams that he acted in. He’s been scamming people for years.

The same applies to his colleague that calls himself Dan Marconi. He’s real name is unknown, but we know for sure that he is a scammer too.

Dan Marconi scammerLook at the second picture to see some scams that he has supported under different names. He too made a lot of people lose a lot of money.

Both these guys are notorious binary options scammers.

Scam robot

Software testThe main part of the Revfeed scam is the trading software they will provide you with. It of course is nothing new or unique, it is a universal software used by scammers only.

Check our image to see a few examples of other scams based on this exact same software, like GatesWay, Infinity App or Elite Club.

Because this app is used by so many scams, we have a lot of feedback about from real users. And they all confirm that it is losing money in real trading.

Fake testimonials

ReviewsThe usual element of every binary options scam is fake testimonials. Both people you can see endorsing Revvfeed are paid actors.

These people have never traded with this software, let alone made money. They are just lying for money in front of the camera.

The truth – you won’t get anything

Clarks promises to give you $250 to start trading. But he is lying, you won’t get anything. In fact, you will have to pay $250 from your own pocket to be allowed to start using Revvfeed. If you don’t deposit, the software won’t be active.

The reason for this is that people who run this scam are affiliated with a certain broker that pays them for referring new depositors. This is how scammers earn money. If you deposit through their software with their broker, they will earn their commission, but their software will lose your money in trading.


Rewfeed is a scam that abuses trading to make you lose money with a broker that is not regulated. Stay away from it!

To make money in trading you need to learn and create a profitable strategy. You can try and do this on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

All the free programs that promise you money for doing nothing are scams.

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