POOR SCAM: Winvest review

In this Winvest review we warn against this trading program and against Aurum Pro Finance.

Winvest reviewThe presentation of Winvest is very short, yet very telling. They say they will make you earn $5,000 daily. They also say that they make millionaires.

They claim their trading school is the biggest in the world and that a Wall Street trader will take care of you and teach you how to trade profitably.

All this for free. Seriously, the biggest trading school that creates millionaires is free?

Winvest scam

Winvest scamLet’s kick off the Winvest review by debunking their claims. First of all, Winvest was created only at the end of July 2019, so it is only 3 weeks old. Therefore, it is impossible for it to be the biggest trading school in the world.

Also, can they say after 3 weeks of their existence that they create millionaires? Certainly not. And who is their Wall Street trader or traders who will educate you, why don’t they give any name, any address, any proof?

Illegal investment advice?

We tried to find who is behind Winvest, but it is impossible. The website is anonymous, it doesn’t give any names, you won’t find any address.

Since they say they will teach you to invest successfully and make money, we believe it is an investment service. Investment advice is a regulated activity, but they obviously have no license, so we believe Winvest is an illegal investment service in most countries.

Aurum Pro Finance danger

Aurum Pro Finance reviewSo, how does exactly Winvest work? We signed up to find out and got a big surprise. Right at the end of the registration process we were redirected to a deposit page of a broker called Aurum Pro Finance. No advice, no education material, nothing, just a push to deposit money.

Aurum Pro Finance (APF) looks as shady as Winvest. There are no names, no address, no contact information, nothing. This is a huge red flag for a CFD broker, because all brokers of this type have to be regulated, they have to publicly provide information about their identity, license, etc.

Since Aurum Pro Finance is anonymous and hiding everything, it is clear that it is not regulated, therefore this broker cannot legally offer its services in most countries.

Depositing money with such a dubious broker would almost certainly equal to throwing your money out of the window. With unregulated brokers clients’ deposits are not protected in any way.

The Winwest and Aurum Pro Finance combination looks to be very dangerous, you have to stay away from it.

Winvest review conclusion

Winvest is a scam, because its website is full of lies. It will push you to deposit with an unregulated and dubious broker called Aurum Pro Finance. Don’t do it!

If you are interested in trading, you should use regulated brokers only and always start on a free demo account.

Only when you have your strategy ready and you understand the risks, you can start trading with real money.

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