POPULAR SCAM: BitCryto Investors review

BitCrypto InvestorsThis review explains that BitCrypto (BitCryto) Investors is a scam program made to rip you off.

BitCryto Investors is supposed to be a company that does crypto mining and trading. This allows it to offer several investment packages with returns up to 85% per week, which means 340% per month.

Does it sound like a good investment program?

BitCrypto Investors scam

Investment PackagesBitCryto Investors is not an investment program, it is a scam. As in most cases, you just need to look at the numbers. 340% per month is absolutely ridiculous, no legit business can do that, by far.

This is the kind of numbers you can see with scams only. BitCrypto Investors is a scam, that’s a fact.

Cryptocurrency mining is not profitable nowadays, so they have trading remaining to make those ridiculous profits, which is impossible.

In reality it is a Ponzi scheme that will use deposits to pay out some profits, which of course cannot last for a long time, this concept is doomed to fail. When the collapse happens, a lot of money will be lost.

Illegal service

The usual point we have to make is that BitCryto Investors is an investment service. Since it allegedly is based in Australia, it needs a licence from the ASIC. But it hasn’t got one.

This make BitCrypto Investors an illegal investment program.


BitCryto Investors is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse and lose money. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Be sure to first understand the risk, if you later decide to start trading with real money.

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