POSH SCAM: ASBC Financial review

ASBC Financial official webIn this review we explain why you should stay away from ASBC Financial and their products.

ASBS Financial claims to be a company with over 20 years of experience in financial advice and wealth management. It also provides trading signals with an alleged 85% winning rate and some investment packages.

So, what is the truth about ASBC Financial?

ASBC Financial scam

No licenceASBC Financial explicitly says that it is providing financial advice and investment service. Because it supposedly is based in Canada, it needs to be regulated, but we found no information about any licence.

Strangely, ASBC Financial claims to be regulated by the CFTC and NFA from the United States, but as you can see on our picture, it is not true. So, they are lying, which is enough for us to say that it is a scam.

Dubious company

Fake companyASBC Financial claims to be more 20 years old, but its domain has been registered only last year.

The website does not provide any information about company registration. Since the company is allegedly based in Toronto, Ontario, it should be registered at leas with the Ontario Securities Commission.

But as you can see on our picture, it is not registered, therefore it is not regulated and it is providing its services illegally!

Don’t invest

Bizarre investment plansWe’ve seen that ASBC Financial is offering several investment plans or packages, but we strongly recommend staying away from it. Investing with a non-regulated entity is very dangerous, especially with one that is openly lying!

With entities that are not regulated your money is not protected in any way and nobody will be able to help you when you run into problems.


ASBC Financial is an obvious scam, because it is providing false information. Stay away from it!

Nobody will make you money for free. You can try to make money in trading on your own, see on a free demo account how it works.

Remember that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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