POSH SCAM: BitAtomix review

Bit Atomix websiteSee in this review that Bit Atomix is an illegal investment service that you cannot trust.

BitAtomix supposedly is a company that gives traders access to many real-world markets and investment plans that make money.

Investment plans offer up to 250% after 5 days, which means well over 1,000% per month. Is this a real and sustainable offer?

BitAtomix is a scam

Sick plansMore than 1,000% per month is of course completely unrealistic, in fact it is totally impossible for any legitimate business.

Bit Atomix is just a scam that is using deposits to maybe pay out some initial profits. In other words, it is a Ponzi scheme, which is an illegal financial scheme.

Fake company

Unauthorized companyBit Atomix is showing a company registration certificate from the United Kingdom. However, it is only a few months old, the company has no verifiable track record.

What is even more important, the company is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services, which confirms that it is illegal.

The insurance certificate is about Civil Liability, which of course does not cover illegal financial services that BitAtomix is providing, so for clients it is useless, it won’t help them in any way.

Don’t expect any company to make you a thousand percent per month, it is not possible in the real world. Should it be possible, nobody would be working.


BitAtomix is a scam, it is an illegal financial game, stay away from it!

If you want to experience genuine financial trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will then see how trading works and what you have to learn to become a profitable trader.

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