POSH SCAM: Monaco Secret Wealth review

Monaco Secret Wealth webIn this review we provide proofs that Monaco Secret Wealth App is a scam. It is presented by Oliver Anniston.

Monaco Secret Wealth is an automated software for binary options trading that is allegedly able to earn you hundreds of dollars per hour. As it works on autopilot, you have nothing to do nor learn, you just switch the software on.

Monaco Secret Wealth App is free, so can you really earn free money this way?

Monaco Secret Wealth scam

In fact, Monaco Secret Wealth is a simple scam designed to lose your money. It won’t earn you a single cent. Here are the proofs.

Oliver Anniston

Oliver Anniston is a scam artistOliver Anniston is a fictitious person created by scammers for the purpose of their fake story.

Look at our picture and you will see that the photo shown on the Monaco Secret Wealth belongs to somebody else. This guy has no idea that scammers misused his photo.

Fake results

Reviews are fakeThe Secret Monaco Wealth website features some allegedly live trading results. The numbers look of course very good, the problem is that they are totally fake. The testimonials are not real.

You just need to look at the trades to see that fake price were used, so these live accounts are complete fiction.

By the way, the same table is used by the Dubai Lifestyle App scam.

Copycat scam

Connection to another scamAnother thing we noticed is that in the Frequently Asked Question you will find the name Equinox, which is another binary options scam.

This means that Monaco Secret Wealth is just a copy of Equinox, meanwhile scammers just forgot to rewrite all titles.

How it really works

As we already said, Monaco Secret Wealth is designed to lose your money. This is how it will happen. After registering you will be asked to deposit money with a selected and unregulated broker. The trading software won’t be activated until you deposit.

If you do deposit, the trading software will lose your money. And scammers will get paid by the broker for referring a new depositor. That’s all.


Monaco Secret Wealth is a total scam that will lose your money, if you use it. So, stay away from it!

If you want to see how trading works and how you can really make money if you manage to build a profitable strategy, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

Forget about free robots, they all are scams.

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