Posh scam review: Free Money Guaranteed System

Free Money Guaranteed SystemThis review is about a new binary options scam called “Free Money Guaranteed System” of “Free Money System”. It is presented by Bobby Anderson who claims to be a millionaire.

Anderson claims that he has a binary options trading software that will make you $526,500 in the next 30 days or you will get $100,000 from his own pocket. It has allegedly created 154 millionaires this year. He offers his personal guarantee.

Free Money Guaranteed System is a scam

Scammers made another big video featuring a Rolls and a gifted woman that is obviously supposed to make men lose rational thinking. But it is just a video with paid actors, a rented car and a rented house.


Anderson offers his personal guarantee, but unfortunately this guy is an actor just playing a role. You are not given any real contact information that you could verify, so where would you claim your guarantee?

Free Money Guaranteed System is completely anonymous, because it is a scam. There is no guarantee at all.

Fake account statements

Account statementIn his video Anderson shows several bank account statements but they are faked. They edited them with big numbers.

Look at the picture, they used the same basis and edited it with different numbers.

Free Money System app

Free Money System appWe also had a look at the Free Money Guaranteed System app. And what a surprise, we have already seen this app.

This software is commonly used by binary options scammers. It is a worthless app that generate losses, we have a lot of negative feedback about it.

Look at the picture on the right, it’s been used by the Fast Cash Formula scam for example.

The truth

The truth behind the Free Money Guaranteed System is that people who created are affiliated with a certain binary options broker and will get paid for every new depositor they send to this broker. So they did this movie with a fake story just to convince you to deposit money with their broker.

If you do that, they will earn their commission and you will lose your money in trading with their lousy app.


Free Money Guaranteed System is a scam made to lose your money in trading, so stay away from it.

Binary options are unfortunately getting abused by scammers, but they are a 100 % legit trading tool used by many traders to make real money. But these traders have learned trading and built their own profitable strategies.

If you are interested in building a profitable strategy and making real money, you can try a binary options free demo account.

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