PRIMITIVE SCAM: Fusxion review

This Fusxion review explains that this investment program has to be avoided because it is a scam.

Fusxion reviewFusxion claims to be a company working in the entertainment industry, producing movies. This production is allegedly very profitable, so much that you can get your share by investing.

There are five investment plans with up to 500% returns after 20 days. Can you multiply your money this way?

Fusxion scam

Fusxion scamThe truth is that Fusxion is not a real company, it does nothing real, it is just a scam.

All you need to do is to compare numbers with reality. 500% per 20 days means 750% per month, which is a number absolutely unachievable in real business, let alone movie production.

It really is as simple as that, when you see offers with unrealistic or impossible returns, you know it is a scam. Money cannot just magically appear, values have to be created, real business has to run.

So, to be clear, Fusxion is a scam, nothing more, nothing less.

Fake company

Fusxion testimonialAnother giveaway about Fusxion is its false claim about being a company registered in the United Kingdom. Because it is not.

Check our picture to see that no company of this name is registered in the UK. But even if it was, it still would not be authorized to provide investment services, because it has no license from the Financial Conduct Authority.

How it works

Fusxion is a newly launched scam. It is possible that it will pay out some profits during the initial stage, but money will be taken from new deposits.

In other words, if it pays anything at all, it is a Ponzi scheme. In any case it is a scam that you should not put your money into.

Fusxion review conclusion

Fusxion is a typical investment that can only lose your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in genuine investing, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it works.

Before investing any real money you have to have a good strategy and understand the risks.

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