Proven scam review: Ice9 Technology

Ice9 TechnologyIn this review we provide proofs that “Ice 9 Technology” is a binary options scam. It is presented by Aaron Palmer, John Farraday and Steve Katz.

According to the presentation Ice9 is a trading software that can make you $8,700 per week. You can even hear that every trade placed with this app is a guaranteed winner.

People from Ice9 Technology claim that they need to spread the word about their app, so they are giving it away for free so that people share their experience with it.

So nothing unusual here, just another program that will make you a millionaire for free…

Ice9 is an obvious scam

actorsLet’s start with the company Ice9 Technology from Silicon Valley. It does not exist. You can do a research and you’ll find out that this company is pure fiction.

So who are people like Aaron Palmer, John Farraday and Steve Katz talking from the video? Paid actors. And not only them.

Because there is no managing director at Intel with the name Gary Larson, the CEO of Innotrade is not Rami Bendayan and Scott Whittaker is not an editor of Business Day either.

All of these people are just paid actors playing roles in a binary options scam. You can use Google to verify it.

Trading Results

resultsWhen you sign up for Ice9, you are shown some supposedly live trading results of their software.

But they are fake and it is easy to prove. Look at the image on the right, at the beginning of the video there is an open trade on the EUR/USD but it is missing in the final results.

It theoretically can have a later expiry, but then the question is what serious trading software does not show complete data about open trades?

Fake social accounts

socialOn the Ice9 Technology web page you can see some allegedly real comments on social media about this system.

But try to click any of them, you cannot, because they are fake, these post do not exist on Facebook and Twitter.


pressAt the beginning of the Ice9 video you can see quotes from Business Insider and Forbes.

But these are fakes again. Look at the picture on the right.

These media have never published a single word about Ice9.


Ice9 Technology is a big binary options scam designed purely to make you deposit money with a selected broker, because it will earn an affiliate commission to these scammers. The worthless Ice9 software will then trade your account to losses.

If you want to see how people are really making money with binary options, try a free demo account.

There you will see if you can also learn to trade profitably. If you are not profitable on a demo, don’t go live. And forget about free and profitable binary options robots, they do not exist.

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27 thoughts on “Proven scam review: Ice9 Technology

  1. Hi John, nice work you are doing here. Through my research i also found that ice9, crunchtech (same softwares) are rusty scams.
    I also found that codefibo (Youtube allfliate: PrestigeBinaryoptions), binadroid, binabot, neo2, fastcash, are all scams. They will assign you unregulated brokers that suck your hard earned maney. Am sorry for newbies that just nosedive into these artistic scammers den with $5000 and above.

    Anyways, pls can you review for me and super simple bot.

  2. Has anyone heard or tried Disrupt trading with Greg Hardman? It looks like it just came out a few days ago. They say its a repackaged TrendTrader.

  3. Hi John, thank you for alerting your readers to these scammers. Hard to believe people would want to put their faces on the internet promoting such scam products. How can they look themselves in the mirror. I was a little impressed with the quality of the video, but I had a question for support, and I also contacted Morton Financial. No reply from either and it’s been 4 days.

    They will not get my money, and hopefully many others will steer clear of this fraud. Thanks again for exposing this scam

  4. Hi . I joined ICE 9 app . and invested 500 , i just want to everyone of
    not making the same mistake , in 1 day i had 6 wins and 21 losses ,
    You have more luck on the Casino , its an elaborae evil sceme to get your money.

  5. If you are careful you can hear foreign dialect in these actors voices. Not to mention the smirking sweaty skin and discoloration which is not do to lighting. The fact that these are foreigners also proves that this company has carefully orchestrated a false reality to make you believe they are in United States…This is business conspiracy and probably racketeering. Not to mention having broke a slew of other fair trading practices which they are not licensed to do.
    — I have helped to uncover several crimes resulting in imprisonment of perpetrators.
    The Mongoose !!

  6. This site’s awesome. Finally you can comment without the site nullifying your comments whether positive or negative from being published. So is there any proof that ICE9 even provides a winning percentage to be worth it? I’ve tried Virtnext and it lost half my deposit losing 7 out of 10 trades in 1 day. Pushmoneyapp is terrible, 100percentprofitbot wants you to setup 4 broker accounts (luckily I couldn’t) . I’ve heard some good and bad about Copy Buffet, Binadroid, Binaryoptionrobot and maybe Neo2. I tried to sign up for Neo2 but the broker was Starling Group and nobody heard of them being out of Sweden. It looks like I might have to signup to buy signals and go that route.

    1. Copy Buffett is also a scam and so are Bina and Robot and Neo2. They are all designed to empty your accounts very quickly. The only people who make money from them are the scammer Youtube affiliates.

  7. Hi John I found your above conversation very interesting. Some people just don’t want to see the truth. If something is a scam it is a scam. I would like to ask is there really a brokerage firm that will let you walk away with their money. They are generating their money through people losing trades. If everybody won through these so called great robots or programs were are these brokers going to get the money from to pay everybody. They will be belly up within weeks. These brokers all manipulate their platforms it is the same as online gambling. They don’t even connect these so called great systems. Or what guarantee do you have that it was . Even on the demo accounts they make you to win just so you can be fooled enough to join and trade. O boy and when their brokers can get hold of your telephone number they will phone you hundreds of times to tell you anything to make you deposit some more money. Sometimes I wonder why the hell are they working their. According to them they can make you thousands again paid from their bosses pockets who in fact is paying their salaries to steal your money. And the biggest question that arises by me is why the hell are they working their if they can make thousands a day. And then I don’t even want to talk about the hundreds of marketers flooding a persons e-mail. I think their is more of them than money to be made in this crooked scam business. This is a sick industry with so much lies. And then their are even those coming in the name of Jesus Christ and saying they are coming in HIS holy name to bring correction. Even praying for people in the same website. It is sick. But thanks for what you are doing. Your hard work in exposing these people is very much appreciated. I pray it is not to late for many.

    1. Hi Paul, I think we have to separate scammers with robots from brokers. There are good and regulated brokers like Nadex who don’t and cannot manipulate prices and they don’t and cannot refuse withdrawals.

    2. Well said, all true. Binary is just full of scam brokers, services, bots, autotraders etc.

    1. So again, you are not answering crucial questions about the obvious lies in the Ice9 presentation like why in the Ice9 video you can see talking inexistent people like Gary Larson from Intel or Scott Whittaker from Business Day? There are no such people in these companies.

      Concerning Scamadviser, their rating is absolutely meaningless, because it is based just on a script examining the age of the domain, type of e-mail address used for the registration of the domain, the location of the servers etc. So it does not examine the content of the website, the real offer, real testimonials etc. Scamadviser is just a program, it cannot see what is a web site really about.

      Anyway, the way you are fighting for Ice9 with general statements and without refuting our arguments and proofs presented in the review proves that your connected to this scam in some way.

  8. have you actually check out ice9 fully, they for 1 second are not claiming to make anyone millionaires, far from it, 4900 a week and 16k a month are the marketing materials, I’m not sure how that makes this a scam due to promising a millionaire. if you really think about it the whole world is a scam cos not everyrone will like and get the same results as the next person, maybe you like fish, maybe i hate fish. so try the system first before you review cos i can see you haven’t, otherwise you be saying how amazing the software looks and feels and has no resemblance to anything else out there not he market. also i have to say most of your article does not make sense so i hope people see pass your BS.

    Also sir, i believe you are fake and just an affiliate, can you prove otherwise

    1. I’m still waiting for a real argument from your part, like why in the Ice9 video you can see talking inexistent people like Gary Larson from Intel or Scott Whittaker from Business Day? There are no such people in these companies. This alone is an undeniable proof that Ice9 is a scam.

      Concerning your last question, please read the text at We are publicly admitting that we can get paid if somebody decides to trade live after trying the demo. And I am persuaded that it is fair. We are not forcing anybody into anything, we are not promising people any money. We always say that you can make money in binary options trading, but you first have to learn how to trade profitably, you have to build a solid strategy. And we always say that if you are interested, you should try to do this on a demo. And only if you are profitable on a demo, you can try trading live. Again, this is very fair in my opinion.

      And as you certainly know, we don’t get paid a single cent for people opening free demo accounts. There is no money involved in free things. It is only if somebody starts to trade live after the demo that we can get paid. But it is only a tiny fraction of what scams pay for their promotion. We would get paid a lot more if we would just promote scams like BinaryOptionsWatchDog and the majority of other so called review web sites do.

      So we might get paid only if somebody decides with their free will and under absolutely no promises from our part that they will move from a demo to a live account. So people can try trading absolutely risk free, they will see how it works, and based on this real experience they decide on their own if they want to try live trading too. We are absolutely not influencing their decision in any way. I repeat it the third time, I consider this very fair.

      And let me close it this way: Exposing one scam takes at least one hour of researching, gathering materials and writing. Sometimes it is several hours. So if we then can get paid a small fraction of what we could get paid if we went to the other side and promoted the scam, in my opinion it is not something we should feel ashamed about. We are doing an honest work, we are exposing scams and saving people’s money. You can read discussions under our reviews, a lot of people are thanking us for saving their money. And because we also have to eat, pay our rents, etc., it is normal that we don’t say no to a payment that we consider honest, that is indirectly related to our honest work. We see it as a compensation for the huge amount of time we are devoting to exposing scams. Because I repeat, the payment comes when somebody decides absolutely freely on a free demo that they want to try live trading. So they do that educated and under absolutely no pressure or promises from anybody.

    2. you’re not doing a very good job of convincing us it’s not a scam. Why do they need to use fake people and fake testimonials ? It’s a total scam. Even the biggest scammer in the business Michael Freeman says that Ice9 is a scam.

  9. Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply, i done some background checks on ice9 and i found the whois in the name of aaron palmer and the site is over 2 years old. i have checked many others and all don’t have any details and are like 1 month old, even neo2 doesn’t have any ways to see if the product is legit. apart from what we are made to believe on review sites like this and please remember one thing, i am not promoting anything here, you are promoting it badly to push people to where YOU get paid as the site owner.

    Also Aiko, did you try ice9? try it for free don’t use any link on these sites so they don’t get paid!!

    1. OK, so you have no real reply and arguments to proofs that we provided in our article, so you start blaming us of whatever nonsense. We are saving people’s money by exposing all those scams, but nobody has to trust us. Anybody can go and try to invest their own money into one of these “free millionaire” programs. We have exposed hundreds of scams and nobody has ever come to prove us wrong about our conclusions. So start using undeniable proofs and arguments or stop throwing your s*** around, please.

  10. wow! Everything seemed so real and good, but YOU exposed ‘them’.
    WHY are there so MANY ‘binary options’ that are scams?

    I was sucked into ‘Drexel Code’ Binary
    and its broker, “Morton Finance” and paid
    $300 of borrowed money on April 1 and
    sent ALL the ‘documents’ (passport,
    my address proof, etc.) BUT still did NOT
    get any ‘actions’ of trading.

    Since I did NOT get any responses — after
    many inquiries, I asked for REFUND, but NO response — just ignored.

    Is there any WAY of ‘enforcing’ their
    refund to ME? Since I did everything that
    was required and still did NOT get any
    results, I want my money REFUNDED.
    Since it was a ‘borrowed money’, I am
    in BIG trouble.

    Please HELP me.

    1. Morton Finance do not even provide an address, so I’m afraid it is an anonymous black hole. You can fill a complaint in your country, but I doubt that anybody will find them.

    2. Ask your credit card company to do a charge back. tell them you have been scammed. ANd it’s never a good idea to borrow money for anything in binary. Almost everything is a scam.

  11. Hi John,

    Have you actually tried the software?

    i have and i know that it works well, better then most of the other crap i have tried. copy buffet was the worst, i cant believe i fell for copy buffet what an idiot i am. Ice9 is legit, so far its legit for me and i suggest you go and try it before you slander someone who has put a lot of hard work, which i think you don’t do and just put a product down, do you have no shame?

    1. Hi James, how much are you getting paid for promoting this scam? I really do not feel ashamed for uncovering all the lies they use, like fictional people from Intel or Business Day, or non-existent quotes about Ice9 from Buisness Insider or Forbes. Ice9 is a scam, this is a fact.

  12. They are extremely pushy to get you to sign up , I had a message saying I had £135.335 ready to pay to me once I signed up . Yeah right
    Thanks for the info guys

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