PUKE SCAM: Crypto Advantage review

Crypto Advantage official websiteThis review of Crypto Advantage shows that this cryptocurrency trading program is a scam.

Crypto Advantage is supposed to be a trading solution that will make you money. You allegedly can start earning $100 per hour immediately, just by downloading an e-book. Within the trading platform you will be able to copy alleged professional traders.

Moreover Crypto Advantage is free, so do you have anything to lose? You have, your own money!

Crypto Advantage scam

The truth is that Crypto Advantage is just another scam that is abusing cryptocurrencies. There is no team of analysts, no professional traders, just a scam made to lose your money.

Fake traders

Reviews are fakeCrypto Advantage is allegedly based on the work of professional analysts and traders. Their trading results are shown in the video.

However they are fake. As you can see on our image, photos of the alleged traders belong to somebody else, scammers have stolen them. The real people on the photos have nothing to do with this trading program.

There are no real traders or analysts behind Crypto Advantage, everything is run by a scam software.

Scam software

Scam trading softwareCrypto Advantage is based on a trading software that was developed and is offered exclusively by scammers. We have seen many binary options scams based on this app.

Look at our picture to see a few examples of other scams that use this same software: 1k in 1Day, Crypto Wealth and Bitcoin Wealth.

So, this software is well-known to us, we get a lot of feedback about it from real users. And they all confirm that this trading app is losing money!

How it really works

The true purpose of Crypto Advantage is to make you open an account and deposit money with Greenfields Capital, which is an unregulated and scam broker, we hear a lot of complaints about it.

People who run this scam are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is how they earn money.

This is why they will ask you to deposit at least $250 before they activate the software. They need to get their commission before you find out that the software is losing money.


Crypto Advantage is a disgusting scam, it will make you lose money with a scam broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try crypto or binary options trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Before you start trading with real money you have to build a profitable strategy in testing.

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9 thoughts on “PUKE SCAM: Crypto Advantage review

  1. I requested a withdrawal of R500 usd from my account only 250 usd was approved still waiting for the funds to appear in my account what is the purpose of trading if you cannot make a withdrawal.i still have 750 usd in my account . This is not a licensed company please keep away they are a scam.

      1. Hi John,

        Very good day to you and hope you’re had a nice Christmas,
        Who would you recommend to trade with in Australia as i am a newbe at trading ?
        So broker for Australia and a good learning website to put on the road ?
        Much appreciated with your good work and a very happy 2018 to you.

        Kindest Regards,


        1. Hi Brian,

          thank you, wish you all the best too. I am sorry but I am not that familiar with the markets in Australia, so I don’t know which broker or service to recommend.

          1. Hi John,

            Thanks for the reply,
            Is is there any recommendable service over your side that i could follow on line to help me as i am from Ireland living in Australia?
            Thanks again for your time and have a great 2018.

            Kindest Regards,


  2. I am having problems in getting my money back, they wont answer me back.

    Ive reported them to the Payment System Regulator http://www.psr.org.uk who told me they are illegal and are not allowed to trade in the UK. The so called trading platform they use is in fact a training platform and is only on their server and does not connect to the trading market in any way, So people think they are trading and making money when in fact it’s a very clever SCAM !

    Once i mentioned i will take it to the fraud police they have suddenly replyed that they will try and refund me. Hmm no money yet.
    I hope this helps other people in my position. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  3. I wish I had seen your message earlier. The scammed me for EURO 20,250.00 and there is no way to get my money back

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