PURE SCAM: 247FasterPay review

This review explains that the investment program 247FasterPay is a scam, nothing more.

247 Faster Pay review247 Faster Pay supposedly is a company that is trading with cryptocurrencies on behalf of its clients and making them money.

The company offers six different investment plans with daily returns on investment ranging between 100% and 300%. Are you considering investing with 247FasterPay? Don’t!

247 Faster Pay scam

247 Faster Pay scamLet’s kick off this 247FasterPay review by stating the obvious, this investment program is a total scam.

300% per day means 9000% per month, which is such a ridiculous number that everybody should immediately see that this program is a scam.

The truth is that no legitimated business in this world can generate hundreds of percent per month, let alone thousands!

This is a pretty easy way to spot scam, just look at the returns, this kind of numbers is a giveaway. This of course doesn’t mean that all programs with relatively low returns are honest.

Illegal scheme

When considering any investment program, you should always check if it is an authorized program. Every investment service has to be authorized by relevant regulators, otherwise it is illegal.

247FasterPay is of course not registered nor licensed by any financial regulator, because it is a pure scam. You should never invest nor financial trade with companies that are not authorized.

How it really works

247 Faster Pay is just a simple scam that will take your money and keep it. You won’t get anything in return, and since it is an unregulated business, it will be extremely hard to find help to get your money back.

247FasterPay review conclusion

247 Faster Pay is a scam that was made to steal money from you, so stay away from it!

Genuine investing is difficult, you can try a free demo account with a regulated broker to see if you are able to build a profitable strategy.

If you chose to invest real money, be sure to have your strategy ready and to understand the risks.

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  1. This is so a scam! I just lost 1000$. I should I follow your advice in not putting money in this.

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