PURE SCAM: Crypto Shield review

CryptoShield websiteThis review of Crypto Shield proves that this trading program is a scam made to lose your money. It is presented by Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins claims that he became rich trading bitcoin. He created a trading system that now works on autopilot under the name of CryptoShield. This software can allegedly make you at least $1500 per day.

And guess what, Hopkins wants to give you his trading software for free. So, can he make you rich for free?

CryptoShield scam

Anthony Hopkins is a scammerUnfortunately the Crypto Shield trading app is just another scam that abuses cryptocurrencies. Hopkins is a scammer, or rather a fictitious person.

Look at our picture and you will see that scammers used a stock photo to portray Hopkins. This person as a cryptocurrency trader simply does not exist.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeLet’s continue with stock photos, because CryptoShield scammers used them also in the testimonials.

Look at our picture to see the proof. This man has nothing to do with trading cryptocurrencies.

GatesWay link

Link to another scamCryptoShield obviously is a cloned scam. When you read the risk disclaimer at the bottom of their page, you will find that they forgot the GatesWay name in the text.

So, they obviously copied this very-well known binary options scam.

Scam software

Scam robotAnd the last proof that Crypto Shield is a scam is in the trading software. This app is used by many scams, we have seen it countless times.

Look at our picture to see some examples, like Liberty BTC System and The Bitcoin Club.

We know from real users of this trading software that it loses money in real trading!

How it really works

So, what is the real purpose of Crypto Shield? To make you deposit money with an unregulated broker – Tradex Options. This is because people who run this scam are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors.

But now you know that if you deposit money through Crypto Shield, scammers will get their commission and then their software will lose your deposit in trading.


Crypto Shield is a scam that is made to take your deposit and lose it in trading with an unlicensed broker. It has nothing to do with real cryptocurrencies trading.

If you want to try cryptocurrencies trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see what you have to learn in order to make real money in trading.

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