PURE SCAM: Delta Coins review

Delta Coins websiteLook at this review to find the explanation of why Delta Coins is a crypto scam.

Delta Coins LLC claims to be a US company specialized in investment solutions. It allegedly is using modern technologies of bitcoin to earn money.

It is offering four investment plans with returns up to 585% after 25 hours. It means multiplying your money by five in just one day. Does it sound possible?

Delta Coins scam

Investment plans are absurdMost of the time Ponzi scams are easy to spot thanks to numbers. It should be basic knowledge that no legit business can make you 500%+ per day. It just is impossible.

So, when there is a program offering such returns, you have absolute certainty that it is a scam.

Moreover, Delta Coins claims to be a company based in the USA, but it is not true. It is giving a fake address, there is no real company behind this program.

It is just an illegal game, it collects deposits and might redistribute some of them during the first hours and days just to attract more people.

But with such ridiculous investment plans it will very quickly run out of money and people will realize that numbers they see in the system are plain fiction.


Delta Coins is a pure scam, it is going to fail very quickly, don’t invest any money with it!

If you want to try bitcoin trading to make money, start on a free demo so that you don’t risk anything.

On the demo you can learn what is needed to later trade with real money.

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