PURE SCAM: Karma-GoPro review

Karma-GoPro official webIn this review we reveal that Karma-GoPro is an investment scam, not a real investment opportunity.

Karma-GoPro claims to be a drone rental company. It allegedly is very profitable, but to expand more, it needs more money.

So, Karma-GoPro offers several investment programs, you will give them money and they promise they will pay you profits. How much? Up to 140% net per month, which means more than doubling your capital every month.

Is it real?

Karma-GoPro scam

Normally investment scams that we review claim to be making money in binary options or crypto trading or mining. This case is different, drone rental, nevertheless it still is a scam.

Anonymous and illegal

No contact informationThe first thing you should notice is that the company is totally anonymous, you won’t find any contact information, so you don’t even know which country it is based in. This is a huge red flag for a company that wants your money.

Now, because the company is offering returns on investments, it is providing investment services, which is a regulated activity. But Karma-GoPro obviously has no licence whatsoever, so it is not regulated and it is illegal.

Ponzi scheme

Ponzi schemeKarma-GoPro is in reality just a Ponzi scheme, which means an investment scam. 140% per month is a number that says it all. You cannot make this kind of money in any legit business.

Any program promising you fixed returns every day is obviously a scam, there is no other way, no legit business can guarantee fixed returns every day. That’s a fact, let’s face reality.

Ponzi schemes often initially pay the profits, but they use new deposits for this purpose. As soon as owners accumulate enough money, they will close the program down and disappear.


Karma-GoPro is an investment scam, a Ponzi scheme, stay away from it!

It is possible to make money in trading, but nobody will do that for you for free. You have to build your own profitable trading strategy, which you can try on a free demo account.

Please understand that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be responsible.

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