Pure scam review: Regal Wealth

regal-wealthThis review is about the binary options scam „Regal Wealth“ that is presented by Michael King and Dominic Ward.

King claims that Regal Wealth is a binary options trading app that can make you money on auto-pilot. It allegedly is capable of making you $605 per hour.

And because making money and becoming millionaire is always free, you can get access to Regal Wealth for free.

Regal Wealth is a pure scam

When looking at the Regal Wealth presentation, we immediately recognized the typical binary options scam scheme.

Michael King is a fictional character played by an actor and the Regal Wealth trading group he is presenting does not have anything in common with the Regal Wealth companies you can find on the internet.

Fake results

resultsUnder the Regal Wealth video you can see some allegedly live trading results. But they are fake and it is easy to prove.

Look at the image on the right, you have there two binary options on oil, they have the same expiry, yet the actual price is different for each option.

And this is simply impossible, in reality two options with the same expiry have to have the same price. So it is obvious that these results are fake.


guaranteeKing says that he guarantees that you will make money with Regal Wealth. But this is again just a lie.

Read their risk disclaimer and you’ll see there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Regal Wealth software

softwareWe also checked the Regal Wealth app that is supposed to make you a lot of money.

And guess what, it is an app used by binary options scammers only. Look at the picture, lately it has been used in the GPS Trader scam for example.

The truth

So what is Regal Wealth really about? People who created it are affiliated with a certain broker and will get paid for every new depositor they can refer to this broker.

So the only purpose of their scam is to push you to deposit with their broker, because it will earn them a commission. Their app will then trade with your money and lose it. End of story.


Stay away from Michael King’s Regal Wealth, because it is a scam ready to take money away from you.

You can try binary options trading on free demo account to see how it really works.

Then you’ll understand that profitable trading is something you have to learn and that nobody can do that for you.

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