PURE SCAM: TradeBot+ review

Tradebot+This review shows that Trade Bot Plus is a binary options scam robot that you should not trade with.

Tradebot+ is a software for automated binary options trading. You can either execute the trading signals or let the robot do everything.

While the Tradebotplus website doesn’t show any explicit promises of earnings, you would probably not register for a losing robot, would you?

Trade Bot Plus scam

Robot testEven though the robot doesn’t say how much money it will earn to you, there is dirty trick that makes it an obvious scam. This trick is the Tradebot+ demo, because it is free and it generates profits.

The problem is that the profits are fake. The demo sometimes loses trades, but then it doubles the investment, fakes the price feed and fabricate a winner to compensate for the loss.

We have seen this scam robot with many scams, like Option Robot, TBO Trading and Simple Auto Trading. This is a known scam software because of this fake demo that generates fake profits.

People with no experience in trading might think based on demo that the robot is really profitable, but if they let it trade for real with their money, they will lose it. Because real trading results cannot be faked.

How it really works

You probably already guessed it, the real aim of Tradebot+ is to make you trade with real money with a selected broker. Because people who run this robot are paid by this broker for referring new traders. This is how scammers earn money.

They use dirty tricks and lies just to make you deposit and trade with their broker.


Trade Bot Plus is an ordinary scam robot that uses a fake demo to make you believe that it works, but it doesn’t.

If you want to see how binary options trading really works and how you can make money in it, try a real free demo with a regulated broker.

No software will make you profits, you have to learn to trade and build yourself your own profitable strategy.

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