Questra and AGAM BLACKLISTED by European regulators

European regulators are warning against investment projects Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM).

Questra WorldIt all started with Questra, when the Belgian regulator FSMA noticed that it is very probably a Ponzi scheme. Questra is offering (in cooperation with AGAM) very high returns on investments and there is no sign of real investment activity taking place.

Moreover Questra World nor Questra Holdings are licensed to provide investments services. This is why the FSMA published a warning about this company already last year.

Then it continued with the Austrian regulator FMA, which also warned that Questra is an unlicensed investment service.

In February 2017 the British Financial Conduct Authority also placed Questra and AGAM on its blacklist of unregulated investment services.

A few days later the Czech regulator CNB came with a warning about Questra and Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Another warning about Questra and AGAM was published later by the Slovak national regulator NBS.

And finally the latest warning to this date came from the Italian regulator CONSOB, which put Questra World, Questra Holdings and AGAM on its blacklist.

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  1. Film-investigation: see how owners of financial pyramids Questra World and AGAM and their relatives continue to steal their depositors today. More than $200 million have been stolen. How many years of prison will the fraudsters-owners of the pyramids, Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk, get?

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