QUICK SCAM: Huber Fork review

Huber Fork websiteIn this review we expose the Huber Fork scam that is connected to Bormancorp.

Huber Fork is supposed to be a program that compares cryptocurrencies prices on seven different exchanges and takes advantage of the differences.

The program can trade automatically for you and allegedly make you 80% on your investment per day. Needless to say, it would make you a millionaire very quickly. So, is it real?

Huber Fork scam

Unreal profitsIn reality Huber Fork is a scam, it is not an arbitrage trading program, it is just a tool to take money away from you.

No trading program can make you 80% per day and 2400% per month, it is just impossible. Just this fact means that Huber Fork must be a scam, there is no other way.

Indeed, when we examined it closely, we found out what is the true nature of this program.

How it really works

Fictitious trading systemWhen you sign up for Huber Fork, you will be redirected to a trading account with an unregulated broker called Bormancorp. This account will be created for you without your permission.

There will be no automated program that will make you money, just a push to make you deposit money with this broker. Any amount you deposit with this unregulated broker will be lost forever. This is how this scam works.


Huber Fork is just a scam designed to take your money through the unregulated broker Bormancorp, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker to see risk free how it works.

You will need to create a profitable strategy and understand the risks of trading with real money before you can quit the demo for real trading.

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