REAL SCAM: Cashimprove review

CashimproveThis review of Cash Improve proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by James Miller.

Miller claims that his company will give you access to a trading software that can make you $425 per hour or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

And because becoming a millionaire is usually free, you can get Cashimprove for free.

Cashimprove scam

This is the usual scam scheme, paid actors,, rented car, faked trading account statements, fictitious story and all this with one hidden aim that we’ll explain later.

James Miller

James Miller scammerFirst let’s have a look at James Miller. It is of course a fake name, because this guy is a paid actor who is supporting binary options scams.

Look at the picture, lately we’ve seen him playing in the High Frequency Trader scam for example.

So his presence alone guarantees that Cash Improve is a scam.


Testimonials are fakeBecause Miller is fake, you can be sure that all the people you can see in the Cashimprove video are paid actors too.

Look at the example on the picture, this guy has supported many binary options scams, he is selling his services on Fiverr.

Anybody can hire him to support anything with a fake testimonial.

The truth

You have to deposit firstSo what is the hidden purpose of Cashimprove? To make you deposit money and trade unprepared with Banc de Binary. This way you can be sure that you will lose your deposit.

The reason for all this is that these scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. So the only thing they need you to do is to deposit, it is how they earn money.


Let’s conclude this Cashimprove review by saying that it is a scam that will not make you any money, in fact the opposite will happen, it will lose your money.

To make money with binary options you need to have a proper strategy, you can try and define yours on a free demo account.

Only then you can start trading with real money for real profits.

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