Real scam review: Secret to Success will lose you money

Secret to Success - Timothy Galvaki
A billionaire selling his own photos on the internet?

In this review we are going to have a look at the “Secret to Success” project on binary options, it is presented by Timothy Galvaki.

Galvaki claims that he has a binary trading app called Secret to Success that can make you money. He does not know how much you can make with the Secret to Success app, but according to him it should be thousands of dollars per day.

How it is supposed to work? Galvaki supposedly has an agreement with a broker that will pay you not only for winning trades, but also for losing trades, it is a part of a marketing strategy. In return you have to write a positive review about the broker.

Secret to Success is a scam

The sad news that Galvaki is telling you lies in his video. First of all Timothy Galvaki does not even exist, the photo used in the video and on the web site comes from a public database. So Galvaki is a fictional character.

tosShould you not believe it, just read the Secret to Success Risk Disclaimer and Agreement. Here they clearly state that they do not make any guarantees that you will make money or that you won’t lose money.

They also clearly say that the video has been made with actors and demo accounts, therefore in is not representative of what could be your results with the Secret to Success.

But they don’t tell the whole truth, which is that they are affiliated with a binary options broker and will get paid for every new trader they can refer to this broker.

So in order to make money, Galvaki needs you to sign up with his broker and deposit money into a trading account. So you will have to risk your own money, and as Secret to Success is a big lie, you will lose your money if you trade with them.


Do not believe in offers of free money on binary options, they are all scam, Secret to Success is no exception. You can make money on binary options, it is a perfectly legit trading tool, but you first have to learn trading on a free demo account.

Once you are profitable on a demo, you can start trading live with real money, not before.

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