Real scam review: The Real Midas Touch

The Real Midas TouchThis review exposes a binary options scam called “The Real Midas Touch”. It is presented by Kevin.

Kevin says that together with his friends he built a software for trading binary options. This app allegedly is very profitable and can make you hundreds of dollars per day.

Kevin is now offering his Real Midas Touch for free to an allegedly limited group of people.

The Real Midas Touch scam

In reality The Real Midas Touch is a completely empty box. If you listened to the presentation carefully, you must have noticed that Kevin is speaking about the Golden Goose Method.

It is because the video is from the Golden Goose Method scam, so scammers behind The Real Midas Touch did not even bother to create their own video. By the way, Golden Goose Method is one of the oldest binary options scams.


TestimonialsAfter signing up for The Real Midas Touch you will be shown some testimonials, but they are fake.

Look at the picture, stock photos have been used together with some fictitious stories.


PressOn the sign up page it is also said that articles about The Real Midas Touch have been published on CNN Money, CNBC and other media.

But it is again a lie. See the example on the right, you can check other web sites for yourself.

Not free

You have to depositAnd finally how does The Real Midas Touch work? People who created it are getting paid by a broker for referring new depositors. So they need you to deposit at least $250 with their broker.

And they don’t care that you will then lose your money in trading with their method.


The Real Midas Touch is a scam, so don’t sign up for it. It uses a recycled video from the Golden Goose Method.

Making money with binary options is possible, but first you have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy on a demo account.

Free money making systems on binary options don’t exist.

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