Rebranded scam review – Quick Cash Plan

Today we are going to review a new scam on binary options called “Quick Cash Plan”.

The Quick Cash plan has an anonymous presentation in which you can hear that it is a trading system that can make you almost $5,000 within a few hours.

You can get free access to this app, but free spots are supposedly limited. So you are asked to act fast.

Quick Cash Plan is a simple scam

Quick Cash Plan testimonials
Fake review for five bucks.

Let’s put it straight, the Quick Cash Plan is a typical binary options scam. People behind it will get paid for every new depositor they can refer to their broker.

So no, Quick Cash Plan is not free, you will have to deposit at least $250, otherwise they won’t let you use their app.

But if you deposit and trade with their software, you will lose your deposit. This is how it works.

There are several things that prove that Quick Cash Plan is a scam. For example the fake time counter on their page that keeps resetting itself.

Or fake testimonials in the video. They are made with paid actors. Just think of it, these people are willing to endorse huge financial scams just for 5 dollars. Crazy, isn’t it?

QuickCashPlan App
App used in many scams.

Look at the picture on the right, this woman is an example, she is selling her services through Fiverr.

Another proof is that the real QuickCashPlan app is in fact an app used by many other scams, look at the second image on the right.

There is a group of binary options scammers that uses this same app over and over again in different projects like Tauribot or Centument, they just change the logo and colours.


Binary options are a great trading tool and it is a shame that so many scammers are abusing them. If you want to know how binary trading really works and how you can make money in it, just try a free demo.

Then you will know how binary options work and that it takes a profitable strategy to really make money.

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