RECYCLED SCAM: Bitcoin Future review

Bitcoin FutureSee in this review that BitcoinFuture is a scam that was designed to steal your money.

Bitcoin Future is presented as an automated program that will trade bitcoin and make you a lot of money.

You allegedly can make a minimum of $1300 per day with this program. For free, because it costs nothing. Does it sound real?

Bitcoin Future scam

Comparison of scamsUnfortunately, Bitcoin Future is just a recycled scam that we have already seen and reviewed under different names, like Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Cash or Crypto Revolt.

You can see on our picture that their websites are exactly the same, only the titles change. This proves that they all are the same scam.

Fake results

Trading results are not realOn the website of Bitcoin Future you will see an allegedly live feed with trading signals.

But these trades are fake, these are not real trading results of this system.

Fake testimonials

Fabricated testimonialsEverything is fake on Bitcoin Future, even the testimonials. You will find a proof on our picture.

As you can see, stock photos have been used to portray alleged users, so the reviews are fake.

How it works

Now let us explain how Bitcoin Future will lose your money. When you sign up, they will push you to an unregulated broker, they will say that you have to deposit money in order to start earning.

If you deposit money with their shady broker, that will be it, you will never get it back. They will just push you to make more and more deposits, they will use a lot of false promises to take as much money away from you as they can.


Bitcoin Future is a total scam, a recycled one, it can only lose your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to trade cryptocurrencies to make money, first try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Only when you have a profitable strategy ready and an understanding of the risks you can start trading with real money.

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