RECYCLED SCAM: EverGreen Formula – review

websiteIn this review of EverGreen Formula we explain that it is a cloned binary options scam that you should avoid.

In the EverGreen Formulla presentation a certain Jake says that he will help you to make $100,000 in the next month or he’ll pay you $10,000 from his pocket as compensation.

He allegedly is helping other people to make money and never had to pay money from his own pocket. All this happens thanks to the EverGreen Formula trading software for binary options.

And you everything is of course free, because money is free, right?

EverGreen Formulla scam

scammerThe reality is that Evergreen Formulla is just a rebranded scam that first appeared under the name of Greenwood Formula. Besides the same guy also presented another scam – Profit Maker Method.

Scammers only changed the logo, everything else remained the same, the video, fake users, paid testimonials and reviews, check the picture on the right.

In our review we have proved that this program is a scam, so you can read it and see the proofs.

Let’s just recap what it is about. EverGreen Formula is a scam. The trading software that it uses has been created by scammers and is used by scammers only. Several other binary options scams use the same exact app.

There are no guarantees whatsoever. You won’t make any money with EverGreen Formulla and you won’t get $10,000 as a compensation. In fact you will lose your own money.

The truth

Now let us explain how EverGreen Fromula really works. The software is designed to make you open a trading account and deposit money with an affiliated broker. Because if you do it, scammers will earn an affiliate commission for referring you to their unregulated broker.

The program is not really free. Because you will first have to deposit at least $250, until then you won’t be able to use the software. They don’t want you to see too soon that their app does not work.

If you deposit money and let Evergreen Formula trade your account, it will lose all your money and you will never see it again. End of story.


GreenWood Formula is a recycled scam that loses money, we have a lot of feedback about this app. So stay away from it, don’t invest your money with it!

You can try binary options trading for free on a demo account and see how it works.

On the demo you can learn how to trade profitably so that you can later start making real money.

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