MPS Multiplexer websiteIn this review of the MPS (Multiplexer) system we reveal that this trading program is a scam. It is presented by Richard Ewing.

Ewing claims that he created an automated binary options trading system that can make you $20,000 per day. It allegedly uses special multiplexer technology that generates a win ratio equal to 100%.

And because Ewing is offering you MPS for free, the question is, whether it really can make you rich for free?

MPS scam

The reality is that MPS is just a recycled scam. Last year we reviewed it when its name was Multiplexer.

In fact, scammers used all the same materials, including the video, they just put a new logo on it.

Richard Ewing

Scammer Richard EwingRichard Ewing from MPS is a fictitious character played by a scammer. We have already proved that this man played in different scams under different names.

Look at our picture to see that he used to use the name Mark Bromovich. This guy is not a trader and his Multiplexer system is pure fiction.


Reviews are totally fakeIn the MPS video you will see some alleged positive testimonials and review. But again, we have already proved with Multiplexer that they are fake.

Look at our picture to see the proof. There is no real satisfied user of MPS, everything is fake.

MPS software

Losing trading robotGiven what we have mentioned above, it is no surprise that MPS uses the same scam software as Multiplexer.

This software is used by many scams, recently for example by Crypto Wealth, Bitcoin Loophole and Maximus Edge. See our picture.

We get a lot of feedback from real users about this app and they confirm that it is losing money in real trading.

The truth

The true and hidden purpose of MPS is very simple. Scammers who run this program are getting paid by a certain broker for referring new depositing clients.

So, the MPS is designed to make you deposit money with their partner broker, so that they earn their affiliate commission. That’s all.

This is also why their software can be a piece of crap, they will get paid before you realize that you were scammed.


MPS is a recycled scam made to take your money and lose it with an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in binary options trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn to trade and build a profitable strategy.

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