RECYCLED SCAM: X Scalper review

X Scalper official webThis review is a warning about the X Scalper scam of Karl Dittman.

Dittman is offering you a trading algorithm that allegedly can make you big profits in Forex trading. His win rate supposedly is 83%.

This X Scalper algorithm cost 147 dollars. Is it worth it?

X Scalper scam

Karl Dittman is a scammerKarl Dittman is a known scammer. In fact, this name is fictitious, you can see the confirmation in his disclaimer.

X Scalper is in fact a carbon copy of FX Atom Pro that we already reviewed. You see, this fictitious Dittman keeps selling his crap under new names.

Fake resultsAnybody who promises you easy automated profits on Forex is a liar. Meanwhile his pictures are totally absurd, he is trying to suggest that his algorithm picks up all the bottoms and highs with his trading signals. This is impossible, nobody can predict all the reversals.

By the way, in his Disclaimer you will also find that the results he is showing are fictitious, so much for his miraculous algorithm.

In any case he selling his trading is illegal investment advice.

How it really works

Scammers sell a lot of trading crap through Clickbank. Because some people will ask for a refund, but some people won’t for various reasons, and this is how Dittman makes money.


X Scalper is a scam that won’t make you any money on Forex, stay away from it.

The harsh truth is that to make money in trading, you have to learn and build your own profitable strategy, nobody will do that for you for free or for a few bucks. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

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  1. its true. stay away from any karl dittmann products. I made the mistake. As soon as you request advice or help, the response is always the same by just copying extracts of the user guide which actually tells you to follow the “overall trend” which they cannot advise upon. They dont speak english and have no idea of the questions you ask. Karl dittmann doesnt exist. Its a group of people from India or Asia. Dont fall for their scam.

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