Regulators warn against Millenium FX, TradoSpot, FFS Markets and others

Authorities from the United Kingdom and New Zealand have added new unregulated entities to their black lists.

The Financial Conduct Authority from the UK and the Financial Markets Authority from New Zealand have warned against the following unregulated broker and investment companies:

  • Wallton Securities
  • Sergo Capital
  • Millenium FX
  • TradoSpot
  • Forex FS Group
  • FFS Markets
  • GG Binary

For trading use regulated brokers only.

1 thought on “Regulators warn against Millenium FX, TradoSpot, FFS Markets and others

  1. The Tradospot Firm is using a program which is an old version of trading format that has been banned 10 years ago in USA, Singapore and Belgium.
    Their charlatan educator, an online marketing impostor, and the policy itself is a false term, pre-program that deliberately aimed for a new trader to loss their money. They are not giving a chance for the investor to withdraw their own money. The bonuses, profits, and percentage gain are pure baloney.
    They perpetuating a lie statements, an opposite of the truth and continuously pedaling a false narratives. They systematically rig the system.The FCA regulator doesn’t have any action of their illegal activity. I wish with high hopes that FTC, the Federal Trade Commision would file a case for Tradospost criminal acts against netizen. I had been their victim of their snake oil vendor and must be liable for selling toxic products and haphazard materials. In addition, the portfolio manager is milking/stealing cash on the card in the broad daylight. I am pleasing the concern authorities to help my investment back and be compensated for Tradospot Online Deceptive Marketing Practices,

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