Renamed scam review: Final Algo on binary options

Final Algo web siteIn this review we are going to explain why is the „Final Algo“ a scam on binary options. It is presented by Walter Green.

Green says that Final Algo is an automated trading software for binary options that can make you millionaire within a few months. And guess what, the system is free, so everybody can become a millionaire. This technically means the total end of unemployment!

OK, enough laughing, let’s get serious.

Final Algo is a recycled scam

Walter GreenScammers usually make an effort when recycling their previous work and make new materials, but it seem they are getting lazy. Because the video of Final Algo hase been recycled at least twice.

We saw it last year in the Millionaire Blueprint scam, but in the video you can hear people talking about the Free Money System, so these are two other names of this same scam. They just change the logo on the web page and that’s it. Look at the picture on the right.

Testimonials and press reviews

Testimonials and pressIn the Final Algo video you can see people endorsing the system, but as we mentioned earlier, they’re talking about another system, because this is just a cloned scam.

On the web page you can also see some alleged articles about the Final Algo in famous media. But these screenshots are fake, the Final Algo has never been mentioned on any of these web sites.

If you do a research on any of these web site, you’ll find nothing about Final Algo. Look at the CNBC example on the right.

The truth

This scam works the same way as all the others. In order to use their system you will have to open an account with their broker and deposit money. Scammers will get an affiliate commission for that and Final Algo will trade your account with losses.


Stay away from Final Algo, it is a scam that will lose your money if you trade with it.

Making money on binary options works differently, you first have to test on a free demo and learn trading. Nobody will do that for you, nobody will make you money for free, it is about your own work and learning.

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