REPETITIVE SCAM – Compound Trader review

Compound Trader websiteThis article is a Compound Trader review which reveals what this program is really about. It is presented by Albert Henderson.

Henderson says that he has a unique binary options trading software that wins 98 % of all trades. The Compound Trader is allegedly making a lot of money because it is reinvesting profits and taking advantage of the compounding effect.

And because money is always free (right?), you can get the Compound Trader for free.

Compound Trader scam

Let’s start with the basic principle. Compound Trader is based on reinvesting profits. But there is nothing new or unique on it, every successful trader does it. What’s more, in the Compound Trader video you can hear a total nonsense, Henderson says that the app starts with one signal and reinvests the profit in following trades based just on this first signal, meanwhile he is showing you different assets.

But in real life a trend on a certain asset does not automatically mean the same trade on any other asset. So for example if the EUR/USD goes up and you have a successful trade on it, you cannot base your next trade on the GBP/JPY on it. So the Compound Trader idea does not make sense at all.

Albert Henderson

Albert Henderson scammerIn reality Albert Henderson does not exist, it is just a fictitious character played by an actor. Basically a liar.

You should notice how many times he is begging you to immediately sign up for his program, he even offers a $5,000 bonus. But you will never get it, we tried it.

The software

Compound Trader appThe Compound Trader app is in fact a recycled crappy software made by scammers. We’ve seen used it by many scams like Cash Camp, Navstar Trader or 7 Figure Months. Check the picture on the right.

It starts with a fake live trade, the money is not real, nor is the trade. Because after that you are directly taken to a deposit page where you can see that your real balance is 0 dollars.

The only purpose of the Compound Trader software is to make you deposit at least $250 with a selected broker. Why? Continue reading…


Testimonials are fakeAll the testimonials you can see on the Compound Trader website are fake.

Check the picture, the same testimonials have been used in the GPS Trader scam.

They just changed the name of the program.

The truth

So how does Compound Trader work? These scammers get paid for referring new depositing traders to Banc de Binary. So they made up their story about a profitable software just to convince you to deposit money with their broker, because you can earn them an affiliate commission.

This is why you cannot try it for free, first you have to deposit, only then you can use the software. But at this stage it will be too late, because the Compound Trader will lose your money in bad trades.


Let’s conclude this Compound Trader review by saying that it is a pure scam designed to lose your money, so stay away.

If you want to try binary options to see how real money can be made in trading, do it on a free demo. There you’ll see if you are able to build a profitable strategy to achieve real profits.

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