REPETITIVE SCAM: Fibo Quantum review

Fibo Quantum official webRead this review of Fibo Quantum to see that this product of Karl Dittman is just another scam.

Dittman says that he has developed a new indicator called Fibo Quantum that generates highly profitable Forex trading signals.

His indicator cost $147. So, can Fibo Quantum make you a profitable Forex trader?

Fibo Quantum scam

The truth is that Karl Dittman is a known scammer and Fibo Quantum is a scam. This system does not generate highly profitable trading signals, it’s a cloned piece of crap.

Karl Dittman

False promisesWe have already reviewed the scams FX Atom Pro and X Scalper, both are signed by Karl Dittman.

You see, Karl Dittman is a fictitious name, there is no real person and real trader with this name. It’s just a trademark of a scam.

With each of his products Dittman claims that it can make you a lot of money thanks to profitable signals. Yet he keeps creating new products, isn’t that strange? Of course, it is! It’s because his trading products are worthless, and once it becomes obvious, he creates a new product to avoid old negative reviews.

Fake results

Results are fakeAll the trading results presented on the Fibo Quantum website are fake. It is impossible for any system to pick all the price movements as Dittman shows.

If you don’t believe us, just read the Fibo Quantum disclaimer, you will see the admission that the results are fake. And that Dittman does not exist…

By the way, these facts also mean that Fibo Quantum is an illegal service, unlicensed investment advice.

How it really works

Scammers behind the Karl Dittman name keep creating new crappy trading products and selling them through Clickbank. The thing is that not all buyers will ask for a refund when they see that Fibo Quantum doesn’t work, and that’s how scammers make their money.


Fibo Quantum is a new scam of Karl Dittman, it won’t make you any money, stay away from it!

To make money in Forex trading, you will have to build your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo account and practice risk free until you become profitable.

Don’t search for a ready made system that will make you big money in on month, it doesn’t exist.

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10 thoughts on “REPETITIVE SCAM: Fibo Quantum review

  1. Same here guys and gals , I just got the Fibo quantam last week , since i bought that I get emails every day for other things they sale included the scalper detector , looks great , so I ask for a refund as I lost more on sl then tp using the fibo , and I think the scalper detector would be better for how I trade , he emails back they cannot do exchanges , so I ask for a refund , then get an email asking for a reason …the VIDEO SAYS NO QUESTIONS ASKED !!!! So now I am pissed cause this is a scam for sure , I am out 150 , I will go to my bank and click bank to see about a refund but could take up to 30 days they said

  2. I bought this product and i was not habby, i want my money back but he dont send my money back he is a scam, he send me every time same email when i ask me money back, try this, try that, you can make good profit, i say i want my money back and your producht does not working, and he send me again same email, if you do this, if you do that, you can make profit. Stay away this product, it doesnt work, IT IS SCAM,

    1. When he is Sowing on video, it’s very convincing but really when you buy the software you will be surprised that it’s NOT what his video shows. It’s not a guarantee that you will make money with it every day-no and not at all. Better you use what is available or comes with the MT4 which is free ie SMA EMA lines and use common sense to dictate where the market is trending and you follow, otherwise, Karl Dittman is a businessman and let him continue his business. We don’t have to blame him or never we need to stop him. It’s better you stay away from his product. In most of his product are NOT lasser accurate and so they are NOT promising.

  3. i tried to email him asking if i could make robots out of their products, and “he” replied that his products implies that you don’t take every signal, only selected ones… and NO you can’t retrieve date from the indis…weird

  4. Indeed, you are correct. The so called known Karl Dittman creates a new strategy almost every two months. He always claims that the system will make you a lot of money which is like you said a whole bunch of craps

  5. do you have a list of recommended robots both licensed and free if you have any kindly send to my email

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