REPETITIVE SCAM: Scalping Detector review

Scalping Detector official websiteThis review proves that Scalping Detector of Karl Dittman is a scam that has to be avoided.

Dittman claims that he is a Forex trader. With his team they allegedly put together a trading system that can make you profitable in trading, they called it the Scalping Detector System.

It can be yours for $147. But don’t buy it!

Scalping Detector scam

Dittman is a well-known scammer who keeps selling worthless trading systems. What he sells is crap that you should not buy.

Karl Dittman scammer

Karl Dittman is a scammerThe reality is that Dittman is a fictitious person, a pseudonym, nobody really knows who is behind this trading scams. There is no real trade of this name.

You can see this in the disclaimer of the Scalping Detector, it is clearly stated there.

Cloned scam

The same old scamThis fictitious Dittman keeps flooding the market with seemingly new Forex trading systems that are supposed to make you money. This alone would be a huge red flag, because creating a new highly profitable strategy every month is extremely difficult to impossible.

But in reality he just keeps renaming his one piece of crap. Check our picture to see that he is using the same website, the same pictures, only the name of the system changes.

So, he was selling this same trading system in the past under names like Fibo Quantum or FX Atom Pro. This is another huge red flag and proof that he is a scammer.

How it really works

When you buy anything from Dittman, you can get a refund, if you are not satisfied. This is because he is selling his crap through Clickbank and that’s Clickbank’s refund policy, they ask no questions.

But not everybody fully realizes this. So even if every buyer will see that Scalping Detector doesn’t work, not everybody will ask for a refund, and this is how Dittman earns money.


Scalping Detector is a scam from a proven scammer Karl Dittman, stay away from it!

If you want to make money in trading, you will have to learn and build your own strategy. You can start with it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Forget about ready-made systems that cost a few bucks and are supposed to make you thousands within the first month, they all are scams.

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