REPUGNANT SCAM: TBO Trading Software review

This review is a warning, do not trade binary options with TBO Trading Software. It’s a scam.

What it is about

TBO Trading Software reviewTBO Trading Software is a binary options robot. It means that it will generate trading signals and execute them on your account. So you have literally nothing to do, just switch the software on and it will do everything for you.

The presentation does not say anything about expected profits, but is suggests that the robot is profitable not only because it shows latest results that are profitable.

TBO Trading Software scam

TBO SoftwareLet’s put it clear. TBO Trading is just an ordinary scam using a very dirty trick. It will take your money and lose it in trading. Now let us explain how it will manage to do that.

The TBO robot will let you start on a demo account. This demo will generate big profits, so you will think that the software is genuinely profitable. This will make you open a real account and let the robot trade with your money. But surprise, in the real mode TBO Trading Software is losing your money quickly!

How is that possible? It is because of the dirty trick we mentioned earlier. The TBO Trading Software demo is fake. It uses a fake price feed to generate fake profits. It is lying. Now you understand?

What’s more, the software that TBO Trading is using is very well-known in the binary options scam industry. Look at the picture to see some other robots that are using this exact same app, like Option Robot, Binary Tradeo and Simple Auto Trading. And there are dozens more.

So we get a lot of testimonials from real users of this software and they all confirm that the robot is losing money in real trading.

The truth

So what is TBO Trading Software good for? To make money, of course, but not to you, to scammers. Because they get paid by certain brokers for referring new depositors.

And this is exactly what their software is doing, the fake profits will make you open an account and deposit money with a broker from their list. But now you know that you should not do it, if you don’t want to lose your money.


TBO Trading Software is a scam based on a known scam robot that fakes testing results. Stay away from it!

If you want to learn to trade binary options profitably and make real money, start on a genuine free demo with a regulated broker.

Nobody will give you a profitable strategy for free. You have to build one yourself. Binary options robots are scams.

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