REPULSIVE SCAM: Big Banks Method review

big-banks-methodIn this review of Big Banks Method we show that it is a scam that you should avoid. It is presented by Aaron Davis.

Davis claims that with his team he developed a profitable robot for trading derivatives. It allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per day.

And because becoming a millionaire is usually free, the Big Banks Method is free too.

Big Banks Method scam

fxchoiceDavis claims in his presentation that Big Banks Method has nothing to do with binary options and Forex. But look at the derivatives definition in Wikipedia, options are part of this family.

But the biggest fun is that Big Banks Method sends you to sign up with FXChoice, which obviously is a Forex broker. So this program lies about what it trades.


resultsOn the Big Banks Method website you can also see some allegedly live trading results in a chart and in a table.

Here we had another good laugh, because they don’t tell you what asset it is, so you cannot check the results on an independent chart.

It probably is a fictitious asset. One thing is sure, the results are fake!


testimonialsOn the Big Banks Method webpage you can see a lot of testimonials from people who are allegedly making money with this system.

But they are fake. Scammers used stock photos together with some fictitious stories. Check the picture on the right to see a proof.

How it works

Although the Big Banks Methods turned out to be a Forex trading system, it works the same way as every binary options scam that we have seen so far.

The only purpose of this program is to make you deposit money with a selected broker (FXChoice), because it will earn an affiliated commission to these scammers. This is why they made up their story about a profitable derivative robot…


The Big Banks Method is just another scam that pushes you to trade with real money and with a black box robot. It can only have one result, you will lose your deposit.

We say it again, you should check the performance of any signal service and trading system on a demo account before trading it with your own money.

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