Resonance Capital is a scam – review

Resonance Capital reviewIn this review of Resonance Capital we provide proofs that this investment program is just a Ponzi scheme.

Resonance Capital is supposed to be a company that provides investment services. You deposit money, they invest it and you should get back a lot more. The profit is allegedly up to 192% in less than a year.

The return ratios are extremely high, so does it really work?

Resonance Capital scam

RegulationWe investigated about companies that are behind Resonance Capital and we found a lot of red flags. First of all Resonance Capital is not regulated anywhere, the Vanuatu financial license is a complete forgery.

Look at our picture and you will see that there is no trace of Resonance Capital in the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission register. On the picture you will also see that the company is not licensed in the UK either.

Resonance Capital claims to be incorporated in Scotland. Meanwhile such a company really is registered in the companies house, the same company is not registered in Financial Services Register.

All this means that Resonance Capital is not regulated, it is not authorized to provide investment services in any country!

What it is really about

PaymentAnytime you see somebody saying they will double or triple your account in less than one year, you should be very careful, because it extremely likely is a scam.

Resonance Capital is obviously a typical Ponzi scheme. Which means that there is no real investment activity going on behind the scenes. Deposits are accepted and payouts are paid from new deposits. This way it works for some time until it collapses because of the lack of new deposits.

Meanwhile owner of the scheme will of course take out a lot of money for themselves to speed up the collapse.


Resonance Capital is lying about its license, it’s a scam, a Ponzi scheme. Stay away from it, it could collapse any time.

To see what returns are realistic in trading, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and test.

You cannot expect anybody making you money for free, all projects like Resonance Capital are financial scams.

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19 thoughts on “Resonance Capital is a scam – review

  1. What do think now guys? There is no more RC site, they closed the business with the dupes’ money

  2. Hi, John

    can you please do some research on Wealth Generator (WG) and Mysucceswork (MSW) make a review? It’s a company from UK. I’d realy like to know what do you think about the company. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, John

    can you please do some research on Gainmax Capital Limited and make a review? It’s a company from UK. I’d realy like to know what do you think about the company. Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. This company is in Nigeria and some people are really dropping money
    Thanks for the info.They use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

  5. Omg again so a fu*k Ponzi!!!Russian and Ukrainian Ponzi Mafia!!Questra,Agam 2.0!Beware!!!Ppl are sooo stupid to believe this big Crap!!

  6. Scam! Scam! Scam! John don’t only spot the scam schemes please also indicate the investment company that is legit to invest here.

    1. Legit investment companies are regulated and you know them, legit returns are pretty low.

  7. Anyone that supports these kind of websites (like fontok) are really dumb people or have invested in this (what makes them even more stupid). You would probably even east shit if somebody says it is caviar.

    1. I say it can collapse any time. You can have a look at our Bitchar, Aurora Mine or ICO Unlimited reviews. Some people were also commenting that they are paying and only a few days later they started to cry because those sites closed down. Another point is that if you are happy scamming money out of other people via a Ponzi scheme, there is really not much to discuss.

  8. Just wake up from your bed, open mouth and start talking what you dont know. i dont know much about them, but your review lack merit.

    1. so what is your point here? If you think his review lacks merit, why don’t you present yours either in defense or against. Your comment is overly ambiguous

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